The journey truly begins now! Even after your purchase, we are ready to assist you. We provide maintenance and repairs, tire changes, bodywork services, and technical inspections.


Keep your car in perfect condition! Accidents can happen at any time. Of course, we hope you never have an accident, but it is not always avoidable. At Alpine, damage to your car is quickly and professionally repaired to manufacturer’s standards.

In our establishment, we repair all car damage, for individuals and professional customers. We guarantee an exceptional level of safety and quality for your vehicle after repair using original parts and brand repair methods.

If you wish, a replacement car is made available to you and the management with the insurance company is taken care of by us. So you can get back on the road without worries.

Maintenance and repair

A well-maintained car lasts longer and stays in good condition. Regular maintenance also helps to avoid additional costs in terms of possible repairs. Alpine offers professional maintenance for every Alpine.

When should you have your car serviced? To maintain your car in the best possible way and ensure your safety, we recommend that you follow the maintenance schedule indicated in the manual. If the warning light comes on on the dashboard, it’s best to have your car checked. Our experts are here to help you.

If you choose to wait in our comfortable waiting area while we perform maintenance, you can grab a cup of coffee and use our free WiFi.


Alpine is happy to help you replace your tires. We offer a very wide choice, including well-known brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Bridgestone, as well as a wide selection of cheaper tires from other brands. All this at very competitive prices.

Individual tires or winter kits?

At Alpine you can choose between individual tires or a complete set of 4 winter tires on rims.


Ask us for an inspection of your vehicle. We carefully examine the 10 vital points of your car during an inspection:

icon-list Braking system

icon-list Checking the fluid level of

icon-list Tires

icon-list Cooling

icon-list Air conditioner

icon-list Lighting

icon-list Windscreen wipers

icon-list Checking the windshield washer fluid level

icon-list Front windows

icon-list Battery status

icon-list Checking the oil level

Technical control

Do you have to pass your car to the technical inspection?

At Alpine, we check all the crucial points of your car. Whether for a periodic inspection or a specific technical inspection, we ensure that you are calm for the technical control.

Our technical inspection consists of checking:

icon-list The quality of the exhaust

icon-list The general behavior of the car, the condition of the shock absorbers and the chassis

icon-list The brakes

icon-list The general condition of the car

icon-list The fog lights

icon-list The tires

In addition, we also take the time to check if all the necessary items are on board:

icon-list A working fire extinguisher

icon-list A fluorescent vest

icon-list A first-aid kit

icon-list A warning triangle

Alpine centre

Welcome to your Alpine Centre in Marche-en-Famenne, the first one in Wallonia.

Our team welcomes you in our showroom to provide you with a unique experience and discover the Alpine A110.